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Voicemod Extension

About Voicemod

Voicemod adds real-time voice changing and custom sound effects to your application. You can find the source and more information at

This Voicemod Extension provides the following audio nodes for a Switchboard SDK audio graph:

VoicemodNodeA processing node which applies Voicemod effects to the incoming audio.

Available effects:

Effect nameDescription
babyTransforms the voice to sound like a small child, high-pitched and youthful.
blocksAlters the voice to have a digital, block-like quality, reminiscent of retro video game characters.
caveCreates an echo effect as if the voice is coming from within a large, empty cave.
deepLowers the pitch of the voice, giving it a deep, resonant quality.
magic-chordsAdds musical, harmonious undertones to the voice, creating a melody-like effect.
out-of-rangeDistorts the voice to sound as if it's breaking up, simulating a poor connection or signal loss.
pilotModifies the voice to resemble a pilot speaking through an aircraft's communication system.
speechifierConverts the voice into a more formal, oratorical tone, suitable for speeches or announcements.
trap-tuneApplies autotune and rhythmic alterations to the voice, creating a musical, trap-style effect.



Download the Voicemod extension from the downloads page and add the SwitchboardVoicemod.aar file to your module's build.gradle file:

dependencies {


Download the Voicemod extension from the downloads page and add the SwitchboardVoicemod.xcframework file in Xcode under Frameworks, Libraries and Embedded Content.


Initialize the extension:

VoicemodExtension.initialize(context, "voicemod client key")

Load an effect:

val voicemodNode = VoicemodNode()