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Amazon Chime Extension

About Amazon Chime

With the Amazon Chime SDK, builders can easily add real-time voice, video, and messaging powered by machine learning into their applications. You can read more about the Chime SDK at

By using the Amazon Chime Extension you can control the audio signals that are sent into and received from the Chime network. This extension is built on top of the Chime C++ SDK which means that you won't be able to use the high-level iOS and Android APIs that the other Chime SDKs provide.

The Amazon Chime Extension provides the following audio nodes for a Switchboard SDK audio graph:

ChimeAudioSourceNodeThis node provides the audio stream that is received from other Chime SDK clients.
ChimeAudioSinkNodeThe audio that is streamed into this node will be sent to the other user's devices.

This feature is in Beta, contact us to apply for our early access testing program!