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At Synervoz, we've worked on many complex audio and VoIP projects and we found that a number of challenges come up time and time again.

  • Cross-platform issues: sharing the same code between platforms and making these platforms sound the same.
  • Bluetooth device limitations: setting up bidirectional high-quality audio streams.
  • Removing noise and echo from microphone signal to improve voice quality.
  • Applying audio transformations like filters, voice effects, etc.
  • Difficulty of mixing multiple audio streams and gain-staging the audio pipeline.
  • Integrating and testing different audio components is time consuming.
  • Optimizing audio algorithms for mobile devices and solving performance issues (e.g. audio competing with graphics).
  • Flexible audio integration of WebRTC and other communications SDKs.

We built a set of SDKs to help with these and other challenges. A variety of licensing options are available including custom SDK builds and partial source code licenses.