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  • Audio Signal Generation: Generating audio signals to the audio output.
  • Audio Playback: Playing audio files, basic playback functions (play, pause, stop) and playback synchronization.
  • Mixing: Mixing audio signals together and adjusting their volumes.
  • Recording: Recording audio signals to files and then playing them back.
  • VU Meter: Calculating the RMS level and amplitude peak value of the audio signal real-time.


  • Reverb: Using the Reverb effect on audio signals.
  • Delay: Using the Echo and Delay effect on audio signals.
  • Compressor: Using the Compressor effect on audio signals.
  • Flanger: Using the Flanger effect on audio signals.
  • Chorus: Using the Chorus effect on audio signals.


  • Noise Filtering: Noise filtering vocal audio signals.
  • Music Ducking: Ducking a music signals volume based on the users microphone signal.
  • Noise Gate: Noise-gating an audio signal which has a fixed -25dB pink noise generated underneath.
  • AEC: Acoustic Echo Cancellation for voice communication.
  • VAD: Voice Activity Detection for voice communication.


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