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PyTorch Extension

PyTorch is a widely used open-source deep learning framework known for its dynamic and intuitive programming interface. It provides a versatile platform for developing machine learning models, including those used in audio processing. PyTorch is well-suited for various audio processing use-cases such as speech recognition, music analysis, sound classification, audio synthesis, and voice conversion. With its flexible computational graph, extensive library of neural network modules, and support for GPU acceleration, PyTorch empowers researchers and developers to efficiently tackle complex audio processing tasks while leveraging the latest advancements in deep learning techniques.

Switchboard SDK seamlessly integrates with your existing machine learning infrastructure, making it effortless to incorporate your models into a production environment. It provides a smooth transition from the development and research phase to real-world deployment. It enables real-time inference, allowing your machine learning models to process audio data instantaneously.

Switchboard SDK provides several features that make using machine learning models for audio processing easier. Some of these features are:

  • Model Integration: seamless integration with PyTorch, allowing developers to easily load and use pre-trained models for audio processing tasks.
  • Preprocessing Functions: built-in preprocessing functions specifically designed for audio data. These functions include spectrogram computation, MFCC extraction, audio normalization, or resampling, which simplify the data preparation stage before feeding it into the models.
  • Inference and Prediction: efficient and optimized inference capabilities, allowing developers to run audio data through the machine learning models and obtain predictions or feature representations in real-time.
  • Visualization and Debugging Tools: visualization tools to facilitate the inspection of intermediate model outputs or audio features, aiding in model debugging and understanding the internal workings of the audio graph.
  • Integration with Audio I/O: interfaces to handle audio input/output, allowing seamless integration with audio devices, file formats, or streaming services for real-time audio processing.

The PyTorch Extension provides the following audio nodes for a Switchboard SDK audio graph:

PyTorchSourceNodeA source node that runs the PyTorch model and generates audio data with the specified post-processing. Ideal for use with generative audio use cases.
PyTorchSinkNodeA sink node that runs the PyTorch model and receives audio data with the specified pre-processing. Ideal to be used for classifier type models.
PyTorchProcessorNodeA processor node that runs the PyTorch model and receives audio data with the specified pre-processing, then generates audio data with the specified post-processing. Ideal for applications in audio transformation, such as Noise Reduction, Source Separation, and Voice Conversion.

This feature is in Beta, contact us to apply for our early access testing program!