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Build audio apps effortlessly

A cross-platform SDK that simplifies audio app development and saves time.

Customers and Partners

What is the Switchboard SDK?

We built the Switchboard SDK to make it easier to develop audio features and apps without needing to be a specialist in audio programming or C++.

Switchboard saves you time from prototype through production, and starts to pay dividends for products that are cross platform and have multiple audio features.

Who is it designed for?
  • Music and social app developers
  • R&D / ML / AI teams looking to commercialize
  • Hardware projects like headphones, speakers, wearables, etc.
  • Pro audio industry - hardware and software
  • Apps & SDKs with audio features
Is it extensible?
Are there licensing options?

Audio Graph Examples

  • Karaoke & Remix Apps
  • Watch / Listen Parties & Live Events
  • Hardware Device / Companion App

Why use it?


Put together complex audio pipelines without the need for C++ or real-time audio programming.


Make an audio engine that sounds the same on iOS, Android, macOS and Linux. Share the same audio code between these platforms.


Our audio processing algorithms are highly optimized so you don't need to worry about audio glitches.


Get access to and seamlessly integrate a wide variety of audio nodes that our partners provide.

Time Saver

Save months or more, especially for complex audio pipelines.


Avoid writing glue code and validating 3rd party apps. We integrated and tested third party SDKs so you don't have to.


Quickly test new audio features, rearrange effects chains, or compare third party extensions.


Custom builds and licensing options available‚ÄĒtailored to your needs.

Listen Party Demo

Plug in headphones or turn on speakers. Unmute to begin.

How does the above example work?

"nodes": {
{ "id": "noisySpeakerPlayerNode", "type": "AudioPlayerNode" },
{ "id": "noiseFilter", "type": "RNNoise.NoiseFilterNode" },
{ "id": "compressor", "type": "Superpowered.CompressorNode" },
{ "id": "cleanSpeakerPlayerNode", "type": "AudioPlayerNode" },
{ "id": "voiceEffect", "type": "AudioEffects.PingPongDelayNode" },
{ "id": "mixer", "type": "MixerNode" },
{ "id": "musicPlayer", "type": "AudioPlayerNode" },
{ "id": "ducking", "type": "MusicDuckingNode" },
"connections": {
{ "sourceNode": "noisySpeakerPlayerNode", "destinationNode": "noiseFilter" },
{ "sourceNode": "noiseFilter", "destinationNode": "compressor" },
{ "sourceNode": "compressor", "destinationNode": "mixer" },
{ "sourceNode": "cleanSpeakerPlayerNode", "destinationNode": "voiceEffect" },
{ "sourceNode": "voiceEffect", "destinationNode": "mixer" },
{ "sourceNode": "musicPlayer", "destinationNode": "ducking" },
{ "sourceNode": "mixer", "destinationNode": "ducking" },
{ "sourceNode": "ducking", "destinationNode": "outputNode" }
"tracks": {
"noisySpeakerPlayerNode": "conversation-noise-male-stereo.mp3",
"cleanSpeakerPlayerNode": "conversation-clean-female-stereo.mp3",
"musicPlayer": "elevator-music-stereo.mp3"

Check out our sample app projects on GitHub

Vocal FX Chains App

Make vocal performances more interesting by applying various effects.

Karaoke App

Simplify the process of creating a karaoke app.

Guitar Effect

Guitar effect app showcasing Switchboard SDK functionality.

Voice Communication

Real-time voice chat app emulating a seamless in-person experience.

Ducking And Sound Effects

Ducking music during voice chat, sound effects that enhance user interactions.

Online Radio App

Implement the audio pipeline of a simple online radio app, with easy integration.

DJ App

Mix tracks, apply effects and sync beats in real-time.

Do you want your technology to be a Node in Switchboard?