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Voice Effects Extension

About Voice Effects

The Voice Effects Extension contains a couple of voice effects that were developed at Synervoz.

This extension provides the following audio nodes for a Switchboard SDK audio graph:

ChorusBlends multiple slightly delayed and modulated versions of the same sound to create a richer, more layered audio experience.
DelayAdds a repeated version of the sound after a short delay, creating an echo-like effect that adds depth and space to the vocals.
PinPongDelaySimilar to regular delay, but the echoes bounce between the left and right stereo channels, creating a dynamic, ping-pong-like auditory effect.
FlangerCreates a swirling or swooshing sound by mixing the original audio with a delayed version of itself, resulting in a dynamic and spacey effect.
VibratoModulates the pitch of the sound at a regular rate, adding a quivering, oscillating effect to the audio signal.

This feature is in Beta, contact us to apply for our early access testing program!