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Superpowered Extension

About Superpowered

Superpowered Audio SDK is the leading C++ & JavaScript Audio Library featuring real-time latency and cross-platform audio players, audio decoders, Fx (effects), audio I/O, streaming, music analysis, spatialization, mixing and more. For more information please check the Superpowered documentation.

Why use the Superpowered Extension instead of Superpowered directly?

  • There is no need to think about low level C++ audio code, the Superpowered Extension supports most programming languages for mobile and desktop.
  • You’ll be able to focus on the application features, the Superpowered Extension handles audio IO and scheduling for you.
  • You’ll still have in depth access to the various audio processing layers if you need, in a neat and convenient way.
  • Mix and match many well known third party audio libraries with Superpowered that are supported, without the need to convert audio formats.

About Superpowered Extension

The Superpowered Extension provides the following audio nodes for a Switchboard SDK audio graph:

AutomaticVocalPitchCorrectionNodeAutomatically adjusts the pitch of vocals to the nearest correct note, ensuring a more accurate and in-tune singing performance.
BitcrusherNodeReduces the audio quality by lowering the bit depth, creating a distinct, gritty, and retro digital sound effect.
ClipperNodeKeeps the amplitude of the audio signal below a maximum level.
CompressorNodeBalances the audio dynamics by reducing the volume of loud sounds and amplifying quieter ones, ensuring a more consistent overall level.
DelayNodeAdds a repeated version of the sound after a short delay, creating an echo-like effect that adds depth and space to the vocals.
EchoNodeCreates a series of reflections of the sound, simulating the effect of sound echoing in a large space, adding depth and resonance.
FilterNodeAlters the frequency content of the sound, allowing certain frequencies to pass through while reducing others, shaping the tonal quality.
FlangerNodeCreates a swirling or swooshing sound by mixing the original audio with a delayed version of itself, resulting in a dynamic and spacey effect.
GateNodePeriodic attenuation of the audio signal.
GuitarDistortionNodeMimics the sound of amplified electric musical instruments.
LimiterNodeBoosts the perceived volume while keeping the maximum level below a limit.
PitchShiftNodeShift the pitch of the sound effect in a ±2 octave range.
ReverbNodeMimics the natural reverberation of sound in a room or hall, adding a sense of space and atmosphere to the vocals.
RollNodeRepeats a small segment of the sound rapidly, creating a stutter or tremolo effect, adding a rhythmic texture to the audio.
SpatializerNodeEnhances the stereo effect by spreading the sound across the stereo field, creating a more immersive and three-dimensional experience.
ThreeBandEQNodeClassic three-band equalizer.
WhooshNodeAdds a sweeping or rushing sound effect, reminiscent of a gust of wind or fast movement, to create a dynamic auditory transition.


Download the Superpowered extension from the downloads page.

Initialize the extension using the evaluation key for testing purposes or use your own license key:

SBSuperpoweredExtension.initialize(withLicenseKey: "ExampleLicenseKey-WillExpire-OnNextUpdate")

Audio Lab

The example takes the user microphone then passes it through the following Superpowered classes in series via a subgraph: