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Superpowered Extension

Superpowered Audio SDK is the leading C++ & JavaScript Audio Library featuring real-time latency and cross-platform audio players, audio decoders, Fx (effects), audio I/O, streaming, music analysis, spatialization, mixing and more. For more information please check the Superpowered documentation.

The Superpowered Extension provides the following audio nodes for a Switchboard SDK audio graph:

AutomaticVocalPitchCorrectionNodeAutomatic Vocal Pitch Correction (Automatic Tune).
BitcrusherNodeOld-school sounding digital effect that reduces the audio signal's resolution.
ClipperNodeKeeps the amplitude of the audio signal below a maximum level.
CompressorNodeReduces the span between the softest and loudest sounds.
DelayNodeDelays the input signal.
EchoNodeDelays the input signal with feedback.
FilterNodeInfinite Impulse Response filter.
FlangerNodeFlanger effect: mixing two identical audio signals together, with one of the signals playing at a slightly slower speed.
GateNodePeriodic attenuation of the audio signal
GuitarDistortionNodeMimics the sound of amplified electric musical instruments.
LimiterNodeBoosts the perceived volume while keeping the maximum level below a limit.
PitchShiftNodeShift the pitch of the sound effect in a ±2 octave range.
ReverbNodeSimulating audio in a virtual enclosed space with reflections.
RollNodeSpatialization puts a sound into the 3D space.
SpatializerNodeSpatialization puts a sound into the 3D space.
ThreeBandEQNodeClassic three-band equalizer.
WhooshNodeThe Whoosh effect combines white noise with a low-pass filter