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Key Features

The Switchboard SDK can help you with the following tasks:

  • Building a complex audio engine for your app without writing C++ and real-time audio code.
  • Running the same audio pipeline on different platforms.
  • Quickly integrating and testing various audio libraries.
  • Developing audio DSP code without implementing everything from the ground up.


The Switchboard SDK provides an easy way to use the same audio components on multiple platforms.

Some platforms provide high-level audio APIs, such as AVAudioEngine on iOS, but if you build your app on top of these platform-specific frameworks, it will be difficult to add support for another platform later. Another problem is that the platform-provided audio components might sound different on different platforms. For example, using a specific built-in low-pass filter on iOS might sound different than on the Web.

The Switchboard SDK is available for these platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Web

Windows SDK is coming soon.


Writing real-time audio code in C++ can be very challenging and you might not want to dive that deep if your goal is just to put together already existing audio components for your app. Besides the C++ interfaces, the Switchboard SDK provides high-level language bindings (e.g. Swift, Kotlin), so you can quickly put together a working audio engine in the language you prefer.

Every audio component is provided as an AudioNode in our SDK and you can wire these together inside an AudioGraph. This graph then can be run in an AudioEngine that makes sure that all advanced platform-specific features are utilized. You don't need to worry much about audio formats and conversions, just connect these audio blocks together and see them working.

Take a look at our examples to see how easy it is to put together audio graphs.


Behind the high-level abstractions that make our SDK easy-to-use, we take extra care to run optimized code. Our audio algorithms are vectorized so they can run super fast on all devices without producing any glitches.

Our SDK also comes with a set of profiling and diagnostics tools that you can use to track down limitations and bottlenecks in your app.


The Switchboard SDK comes with many audio functions and processing nodes that might be enough for your app, but it's also possible to extend its capabilities. By integrating extensions you can get access to high-quality advanced audio features such as noise filtering, echo cancellation and voice effects.

You can find the list of available extensions here. We can also help you to develop your own extension.