Switchboard SDK
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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Cswitchboard::AudioBuffer< T >Provides an abstraction around raw audio buffers stored in memory
 Cswitchboard::AudioBuffer< float >
 Cswitchboard::AudioBufferPool< T >Allocates memory for multiple AudioBuffer instances
 Cswitchboard::AudioBusRepresents a stream of audio in one direction
 Cswitchboard::AudioBusFormatDescribes the format of an AudioBus instance without the need for the audio data
 Cswitchboard::AudioBusFormatListHolds a list of AudioBusList instances
 Cswitchboard::AudioBusListHolds a list of AudioBus instances
 Cswitchboard::AudioData< T >Provides helper methods to handle raw audio data arrays
 Cswitchboard::AudioData< float >
 Cswitchboard::AudioDeviceRepresents an audio device that can send and receive audio data
 Cswitchboard::AudioEncoderEncodes raw audio data using various audio codecs
 Cswitchboard::OfflineGraphRenderer::AudioFileAudio file for OfflineGraphRenderer
 Cswitchboard::AudioGraphManages a graph of AudioNode instances
 Cswitchboard::AudioGraphFactoryCreates AudioGraph instances
 Cswitchboard::AudioGraphNodeConnectionRepresents a connection between two audio nodes in the AudioGraph class
 Cswitchboard::AudioGraphNodeStateHolds the state of an audio node inside the AudioGraph instance
 Cswitchboard::AudioNodeRepresents a node in the audio graph
 Cswitchboard::AudioNodeFactoryCreates audio node instances
 Cswitchboard::AudioPlayerPlays the loaded audio file
 Cswitchboard::AudioPlayerSourceProvides an interface to provide audio data in chunks
 Cswitchboard::AudioRingBuffer< T >Class providing ring buffer functionality specialized for audio (most importantly multichannel functionality)
 Cswitchboard::AudioSourceInterface class that represents a source of audio
 Cswitchboard::BufferAllocatorAllocates memory that can be used to store audio data
 Cswitchboard::BufferRegulatorThis class can be used to turn variable sized audio buffer stream into a stabilized constant length audio buffer stream
 Cswitchboard::BufferSizeRegulatorConverts a variable sized buffer stream into a fixed sized buffer stream
 Cswitchboard::ClippingDetectorClass to detect clipping in a given audio buffer
 Cswitchboard::CounterA simple counter that can be used from multiple threads
 Cswitchboard::DuckingCompressorAbstract base class for compressors that can be used for audio ducking
 Cswitchboard::DuckingManagerCalculates and applies ducking based on configuration
 Cswitchboard::EnvelopeGeneratorGenerates an ADSR envelope with the specified time coefficients
 Cswitchboard::FileReaderReads a file from the file system
 Cswitchboard::FileSystemContains file manipulation utility methods
 Cswitchboard::FileWriterWrites a file to the file system
 Cswitchboard::GeneratorProvides general interface for signal generators
 Cswitchboard::GraphRepresents a general purpose DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) with nodes and edges
 Cswitchboard::InvertInverts the incoming signal
 Cswitchboard::IOResamplerProvides a callback function that is called with resampled audio data
 Cswitchboard::LicenseManagerHandles the licenses and usage tracking
 Cswitchboard::LicenseSessionTracks the state of a license session
 Cswitchboard::LogDestinationProvides an interface to implement platform-specific logging
 Cswitchboard::LoggerProvides logging functionality
 Cswitchboard::Mp3DecoderDecodes MP3 data to Linear PCM audio data
 Cswitchboard::Mp3EncoderEncodes MP3 data from Linear PCM audio data
 Cswitchboard::NetworkSessionClass for sending network requests
 Cswitchboard::NoiseGateClass providing noise gating with hysteresis
 Cswitchboard::OfflineGraphRendererRenders an audio file through an audio graph then saves the output to another audio file
 Cswitchboard::OffsetApplies given DC offset to incoming signal
 Cswitchboard::OggDecoderDecodes Ogg/Vorbis data to Linear PCM audio data
 Cswitchboard::OggEncoderEncodes Ogg/Vorbis data from PCM audio data
 Cswitchboard::ParameterParameter class. Represents an adjustable config value in an audio node
 Cswitchboard::PipeHas a sink and source node. Can be used to utilize output as input, without introducing a cycle to the graph
 Cswitchboard::RampLinear ramp with fixed duration that can be used for smoothing audio samples
 Cswitchboard::ResamplerResamples audio data from one sample rate to another
 Cswitchboard::RingBuffer< T >Class providing ring buffer functionality. Supports single-threaded and multi-threaded (single producer, single consumer) use cases
 Cswitchboard::RingBuffer< float >
 Cswitchboard::SampleRateRegulatorConverts an audio stream with variable sample rate to a fixed sample rate buffer stream
 Cswitchboard::StereoBufferSizeRegulatorConverts a variable sized buffer stream into a fixed sized buffer stream
 Cswitchboard::StopwatchCan be used to measure code execution performance
 Cswitchboard::SwitchboardSDKInitializes and configures the Switchboard SDK
 Cswitchboard::TimeFunctions to get and manipulate date and time information
 Cswitchboard::ULawDecoderDecodes U-law data to Linear PCM audio data
 Cswitchboard::VoiceActivityDetectorVoice Activity Detector
 Cswitchboard::VUMeterLevelsVU meter-specific data struct containing level and peak values of the current audio buffer
 Cswitchboard::WavDecoderDecodes WAV data to Linear PCM audio data
 Cswitchboard::WavEncoderEncodes WAV data from PCM audio data