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About Audio Recording

Audio recording is the process of capturing sound waves and converting them into a digital or analog format that can be stored and played back. It is an essential part of the music industry, as well as film, television, and radio production.

Code Example

This example can record the user's microphone signal into an audio file using RecorderNode. The recorded audio file is played back using AudioPlayerNode.

"nodes": {
{ "id": "recorderNode", "type": "RecorderNode" },
{ "id": "audioPlayerNode", "type": "AudioPlayerNode" }
"connections": {
{ "sourceNode": "InputNode", "destinationNode": "recorderNode" },
{ "sourceNode": "audioPlayerNode", "destinationNode": "OutputNode" }
"tracks": {
"recorderNode": "recording.mp3",
"audioPlayerNode": "recording.mp3"